Turbo a BMW engine... or just swap it?


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  1. Turbo a BMW engine... or just swap it? 
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    Hey guys.

    Right; I have a very nearly dead M52B28 and I've been looking at recon engines. Then I thought: "well I have a double garage, loads of connections and lots of engine building experience, why not rebuild it myself?"

    Then I got carried away. Holset HX40's are cheap... So 600bhp in mind, off I was carried...

    So I started researching turbo BMW's, and pencilled a spec up along the lines of:
    Holset hx40
    Pauter rods
    CP pistons
    steel head gasket
    MoTec M800 (dual vanos control capable)
    Etc etc

    Then I see an S50B32 and think "well, would be an infinitely better engine to turbo, even if the bottom end is all replaced, the head will surely flow better (anyone got any actual numbers on this?) and ITB's are... well... sexy. So I looked into that...

    But despite the growing number of turbo M3's it really is a fooking expensive way to go about it, and I'm genuinely struggling to justify spunking god-knows-how-much on a relatively unknown quantity, when for the same base price I have so so many options... tried and tested no BS options.

    SR20DET (why not)
    1UZFE turbo
    YB Cosworth
    Lawn Mower engine with super secret USDM spec cams, yo.

    My point being: There's loads of either off the shelf or tried tested and well rounded engines that I could buy and just slap in, and considering I would need to buy/make lots of custom parts for the BMW engine, which would be impossible to replace/expensive when they break, whereas with A N Other engine; I get to control where BMW stops, and supra begins, (or whatever donor I choose.)

    Just wondering what your thoughts were on this? Don't get me wrong, I'd love a turbo M3 engine, but I can't quite... (no offence to the purists) see the point?

    Do your worst ..

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    blowing a turbo'd M52 is super cheap compared to blowing any of the above.

    My advice would be to build an M50 Turbo. They can run up to 600hp on the standard internals. You will struggle for a decent manifold though

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