Hy chaps,

I have a couple of questions. But first a little story . I have a 320 M52. And am currently rebuilding the body and undercarrige. Now i´ve been looking into supercharging my car for a while. But after driving the 500bhp skyline of my brother, i´ve really changed my mind to a turbo setup. Now I have some nowledge about turbo`s. And i know a M50 is the beter way to go. So I´m already looking for a M50 engine. Now my questions.

1 Can i just swap the M50, without changing the wiring harness.
2 Can I mock up the turbo system on my M52, as far as pyping and fitment goes
3 Can i use the oil filter housing for my oil feed and return line´s
4 What kind of intercooler should I juse
5 Where can i get a bigger headgasket.

I´m just looking into the cost and stuff. Money isn´t a really big problem, as I´m not driving the car for the upcomming 4 years. And i´m taking my time rebuilding everything.