Hi all,

Recently developed a fault on my 2007 E87 where if I was going approx 70mph on a motorway for a period of about 10-15 minutes the traction control warning light would flicker and the car would lose power and judder, only regaining intermittent power at about 40mph. Through looking online it sounds like others have had this issue where the ABS sensor/reluctor ring's were at fault, however I have just got the error memory scanned and the following errors appeared:

2EF5 - Characteristic thermostat - Open circuit/no signal
30EA - NOx catalytic converter with hyrdocarbon trap - Sulphur oxide content outside range
2DED - No-load current - No-load current fault

The garage seems to think that the NOx sensor could be at fault but I would like a second opinion first. Going to try to re-enact the fault over the next week to see the new errors in that time.