I recently changed the two rear tyres on my x3 m sport (2 michelin pilots). Since then, the x drive can be heard to "rumble" when taking up drive, changing from 1st to second, sometimes 2nd to 3rd and on disengaging the clutch. It also feels as if there is a short slight slip (as if the clutch was slipping) during acceleration.

I've had the x drive checked under warranty and have been assured the drive is ok - problem is tyres i.e. Tyre tread pattern and depth is to different from front to rear (new michelin pilots with full tread to rear - dunlop other with circa 2 - 3 mm tread to front). Causing the x drive system to try and compensate for grip difference and thus the noise. * nb the correct tyre sizes are fitted to both axles (wider lower profile to rear).

Has anyone experienced this or can confirm the problem, before I fork out another 400 quid on tyres ? If it is the case, it'll be good to know on tyre selection and timing for other owners.