Hi all,
Just a quick hello from me in Cardiff.
I have just bought myself a 1997 - R reg 728i E38 BMW.
It has got 160,000 on the clock but with FULL SERVICE HISTORY and 12 Months MOT and 6 Months TAX.
It has a few small issues but nothing major, to sort out.
The rear suspension is a bit lower than it should be ... any advice on this would be very much appreciated ... I'll start up some threads in the '7 Series' section of the Forum, soon for advice/help on this and the other problems.
It did have the 'Check Coolant Level' warning come up on the clocks display last night and I took the radiator cap off too soon and dumped most of the water out of the system ... I have already got a thread started in the '7 Series' section if anyone can advise me on it.
This is my 2nd BMW (the 1st was another 728i E38, but I only had it for a week). A very long story for another time.
So in effect this will be my 1st real time of BMW Ownership ..... & I'M LOVING IT.
I have been & (still am), involved with many car clubs and forums, Including being the Modified Register Rep for the 'mk1-5 Cortina Owners Club' amongst others.

Anyway, enough for now,
I'm sure that I'll be an active member of this Forum and hopefully I can help and contribute lots as well as asking for help and advice.