Hello everybody, my name is Tom.

I am currently a VAG-slag but I want something different,

I have had SEATs, VW's and Audi's. I really loved my old B5.5 Passat Estate and I miss having an estate.

Due to financial problems I'm having to sell my current car and buy a cheaper car.

I currently drive a 2007 VW Jetta Sport

This car has a 1.4 TSi engine in it which produces 170bhp. This engine is very rare to be in this Jetta, only 16 Jetta Sport's were registered in the UK.

But the time has come to sell, as I previously said I would love something like a Passat TDi Estate but not a Passat

I am very interested in getting a BMW for my next car. To be specific, the BMW 3 Series 320D Touring (E46 shape)

Is there anything I need to look out for? I've been told to replace the oil breather regularly to prevent the turbo from screwing over.

Thanks guys.

.. Oh I knew I forgot something, is anyone selling a BMW 3 Series 320D Touring ?