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  1. Two Asthmatic old Germans 
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    Hello I am Davey, the owner of two elderely BMW's a 1999 E46 323 coupe auto/Tip. A 1998 BMW 325TDS manual touring.
    I hope to be able to rejuvinate both of the cars over the coming months. The diesel has EGR faults and Nissan Micra 1.0's tend to leave me for dead until the Turbo comes alive. My 323 must surely have a hole in the petrol tank as it is all show and no go ( I think the Vanos seals are shot).
    So the diesel will be first and then the more in depth VANOS system when the weather warms up I think.
    I am a little cautious of the VANOS system as I hear it can be a pain and can be easy to seat the seals incorrectly?

    Anyway I am sure youre all bored of newbie's posting problems with their introduction so I shall do some more research before asking for any further assistance


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    Welcome to the forum.
    Always nice to see another 325 TDS Touring on here too, there aren't too many of us about.

    Best thing you can do with the EGR is to remove the vacuum pipe and plug it with a screw or alternatively block the metal pipe (as it enters the EGR) with a coin, just don't over tighten the bolts. I've done both and I also have a chip from End Tuning (a bargain at £75.00) and although not running completely perfect it now goes like the proverbial when you give it the beans

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