bmw e60 530d owned two and had many many problems from turbos to dpf filters and numerous electrical problems I now leave my £8000 bmw 530d e60 on the drive and use my trusty e39 530d as its far more reliable . I have just returned from france having broke down out there in the e60 while towing my caravan I got towed along with my caravan to the dealers which cost me nearly a £1000 for repairs and lost 5 days of my weeks holiday what a pile of junk why wont bmw admit they made a big mistake making this car I have owned bmws all my life but after the last two e60s I will never buy another bmw unless they bring back the e46 or e39 and its a waste of time complaining to them as they just don't have any idea what customer service means regards a very unhappy bmw owner but not for long .