Pretty new to the site so thought I'd say hi!
Also after a bit of advice.

Me and a mate From notts have a drifting tuition session this Saturday (20th oct) at Santa pod, with a few beers in Milton Keynes and was hopefully (depending on hangover) have a look at the RWYB on the Sunday.

Possibly having a go in my own car, e46 323 auto saloon, if so was hoping to get a bit of advice.
The car is completely standard, in pretty good nick for the year and miles and thought it might be worth having a go at the 1/4 mile - anything for a bit of speed!!!

Is there anything I could do this week to improve the experience, ie oil change, plugs tyre pressures etc? My mechanic's having a look at her this week and wondered if there was anything I could do easily and cheaply. Or shud I not bother and save my embarrassment???
I know it's an auto, and standard but if I get the buzz and the drifing goes well i may be in the market for a second motor, possibly a z3 to play around with.
Stage two, there's also the possibility of keeping the 323 and modding a bit to improve the performance as well as some new rims, can anyone tell me the first few steps to take or whether hey think I'm better of getting rid.
I've owned the car since 2007 when I had 54k, now 95k.
It's cat d now but repaired well and owes me nothing, ie had new bra,kes all round and apart from what seems to be a slightly noisy diff, a the need for a couple of window reg's she's sweet. Would hate to part but want a bit more excitement.
Any advice or comments on either would be greatly appreciated.