Hi all,

Since my last disastrous BMW purchase (e46 330d that had been re-shelled/ ringed and general 'effd about with). I'm coming back!

I am due collect a mint 530d SE Tip/auto saloon with m-sport style pack (54/dec' 2004) on Wednesday. 75k FMDSH, every extra going and genuine M5 alloys (selling these as our roads are so bad-17's for me!) for £6000. Looking around this seems like a good price.

The car appears really honest (unlike the last one!) which is half the battle. Is there anything I need to look for in particular? I will be taking out the swirl flaps almost right away and fitting a blanking kit, also looking to fit a tow bar for a bike rack.

Please let me know if there is anything I should look for and if there are any 'must do' things on addition to the swirl flaps (disconnected the egr on my e46- is this done on these?).

Any help appreciated!