Hi All,

after long and careful consideration of what's available and getting insurance quotes etc and weighing up all the pro's and con's of it all, my need for an automatic estate boiled down to one car choice. This is the 320i auto Touring so i've joined up here to try and get some advice about what sort of things to look for, potential trouble spots etc.

Having had a read of some of the other posts in the forum, i see most of you favour the 325i as it is a lot pokier and the economy is probably better but certainly no worse in general than the 320i.

While i'm not rich (in fact i'm pretty poor lol!), the fuel economy isn't a primary consideration as it will mainly be used for short journeys and let's face it, there's not many cars that do very well on short trips! The clincher was the insurance as it was about 30% dearer to insure the 325i than the 320i which made a fair bit of difference.

So if anybody can give me some good advice on things to look for, weak points/strong points etc, i'd be very grateful!

In case you're wondering, i've had a couple of BMWs before, both 1978 (one S, the other T reg), both 728 carb manuals and both suffered cracked heads which kind of put me off the marque a little. Do the smaller 6 pots suffer this way as well or are they a fairly safe bet?

As for my current car (which i'll be keeping), i have a 1994 Rover 827 Sterling auto, one of only 4 left on the road according to howmanyleft.co.uk which does a great job and is pretty economical normally but it isn't really practical for carrying the bigger things in life or dogs lol.

Look forward to any replies/advice etc!