Hi everyone.

I'm looking for some information on how to register as a trader on here please. My name's Si and I have a business called Hide'n'Seat Auto Interiors and I specialise in pretty much all aspects of leatherwork, from gaiters and armrests to full-blown retrims and pretty much everything inbetween!

I've been a trader on CelicaClub.co.uk for a couple of years now and I've built up a very good reputation on there, as RT-Performance (another CCUK trader) on here would no doubt verify. Whilst I've mainly focussed on Jap cars (due to owning a Celica), I'm now looking to expand and build the business so here I am.

If any of the Mods need any information, please drop me a line. My website should be back online shortly but, in the meantime, there is a Facebook page here which shows the majority of the work I've done for various customers.

So, if anyone has any information on how to register as a trader here on Bimmerforums or could point me in the right direction, it'd be very much appreciated.