Hello there I have recently bought a 1993 BMW 325i. I have had a problem with the cars rpm gauge going completely haywire and running very rich but ONLY WHEN THE CAR IS WARM. I have converted the transmission to a standard from an automatic thinking it was one of the sensors on the transmission and not being able to scan it due to it being a Japanese import. I got the computer scanned and my knock sensors came up so we replaced those as well they were completely discintegrated when we took them off and replaced them. My friend then suspected it was the Vanos so we replaced that as well and the problem still persists. I am still paying for this car so i decided to take it off the road for now until I can find a cheap way to get it fixed or until it is payed off and I can pay a professional to do it for me. oh and I also replaced the spark plugs. Someone suggested a vaccuum seal but right now im not sure what to do. If anyone has any suggestions i would love to hear from someone who might know these cars a little or a lot more then I do. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing any input.