Ok hello everyone, I have been lurking here for years, and the post view count thingy has finally made me sign up.

So thought id come straight here and say hello. I have owned three bmw e36s over the years. and at present I have a little 320i that has been left lying up for about a year. I left it lying up as the back rear shock pulled from the body and needed welding. I was at one stage just going to scrap it,

But a few weeks ago at 6 in the morning, my daily driver would not start and needed a jump. With the wife already gone to work I was kinda stuck. So not really expecting much I pulled the cover off of the BMW reconnected the battery and turned her over for the first time in nearly a year, She started first time,

the old rust bucket started pulling on the old hart strings, and I got it welded.

Since then I have given her a service, plugs, oil, fuel filter, engine flush, fan belt, 4 new tires.

This week I took a look around the body and found some bad rust on the bonnet so got a replacement. I think this has started something, and I have decided to give her a bit of a nip tuck restoration.

Now I have a major problem the car is cutting out and rough idling and there is a an electric ticking noise coming from under the throttle body area. but I will leave that to a different thread.

Thanks for reading.