Hi everyone,

This website has been invaluable over the past few months. I knew I wanted another BMW and have been car-less for over a year while looking for the right one and saving a little cash.

After much consideration and time looking for the right car, I settled on a silver 2005 E46 320cd Sport, Auto. It's got FBMWSH and 75k on the clock.

I'm quite fussy with my cars, they have to be pretty much perfect, so I wasted no time in finding things to replace!!

Having trawled this site for ages looking at the most common faults I set to work ordering a load of parts to ensure on-going reliability.

These are:

Vortex oil breather
x4 Glow Plugs
Both EGR and Main Thermostats
Swirl flap blanks
A new bonnet badge
Some Millers fuel additive
A kit for the radio so I can hook up an MP3 player

I intend on getting all of this done and dusted tomorrow in one hit. If there's anything else I should consider doing while I'm in there, please give me a heads up.

I'll keep this updated on my progress and if anyone is interested in prices or installation I'll be more than happy to help where I can.