hi all ,im new on here so thought id introduce my self ,i drive a 1996 325 convertible which is my 13th e36 but my first cabrio and now sorry to say it auto ,i bought the car as it was solid as a rock and full bmw main dealer history with folder up on folder of reciepts ,after spending hours days weeks trailing ebay autotrader and all the local and far away garages in search of a decent priced but solid e36 manual i decided to bight the bullit and buy the auto aaarrrrrrgggggghhhhhh why ....after 2 weeks of driving it propely i just cant get my head around it ,and so slow its painfull even in that sport mode its just not good ,any way ive been looking on here and there are some lovely e36s ,im tryin gto find out how the site works as im crap on computers and just read a thread or post thing saying......read this is is really that hard,,,,,about posting in the wrong things and i didnt get any of it lol anyway it looks a great site so gonna have a look around it thanks