Hi guys & gals,

I'm a new BMW owner, first one i have owned and safe to say i love it.

Its a 2004 Silver BMW 320D Sport saloon with 116k miles, and i cant wipe this smile of my face, a lot to do with the fact its RWD

Ive owned her about 4 weeks, and so far fitted a parrot ck3100 Bluetooth set and sprayed/lacquered the grill black.

Now for piece of mind due to not having a stamped service since 90k i last nite ordered 6L of GM Dexos 2 5w30 LL04 oil, air / oil / fuel / pollen filters and 4 swirl flap blanking plates. I should hopefully do this myself next weekend as well as clean the EGR valve.

My question is i also want to change the brake fluid, what spec do i need?? Also what other fluids can i change Ive read about the gearbox oil but some posts say there sealed for life, but some say to change it, i feel like id like to change it but what do you guys recommend and what oil to use??

Finally im trying to get hold of a vortex oil breather filter, any recommendations of cheapish places to pick them up??

Thanks in advance for any help