Hi, just a newbie posting for the first time, just put down a deposit on a 320D Sport which I'll be collecting later this week, this is my first BMW although my Dad has had some 5-series in the past (starting in 1986!), this is my third Diesel although my first modern one, I was looking at replacing an indecently rapid Subaru Forester S-turbo with something a lot more economical and not too much less rapid, we have a Mazda RX-8 as a genuine sportscar though.

I drove an 320D ES (where did all the nice stuff go?) and an SE (better but I've had tauter Blancmanges), however the Sport was certainly my cup of tea, no doubt it will get a power uplift soon!

No doubt I'll be posting in the E46 tech area soon with some questions as I need to get my phone connectivity sorted as a matter of urgency, but I have found some useful stuff already (like how to turn the airbag light off - yes passenger seat mat failure!)