Just thought I'd say hi... Registered here ages ago but never really posted!

Just sold my 1999 Honda Accord Type R today and now in the hunt for a BMW.

Think I'm just going to aim for a 318/320 currently, after having so many Jap cars and spending thousands on them changing this and that etc I just want an every day car now for a year or so and then I'll aim for a V8!

Off to look at a W reg 318 tourer tomorrow with 85k on the clock. Looks very nice but also tempted by a 728i that's near by as we'll. same mileage and with a gorgeous leather interior, auto etc...

Ideally budget is £2k but could stretch to £2.5 max if necessary.

Am I mad thinking of going for a 318 tourer over the 728?! We've no kids (yet) but we love camping so the tourers size would be ideal!

Economy isn't an issue as I run my business for home and do c3k miles a year!