Hello guys

Totally new to bmwS and first rear wheel drive car ive ever had

Mostly been in to vag cars up to now, had a mk4 GTi 20vt which i modified a fair bit, last car was a mapped Leon Cupra R which was ALOT of fun!

After buying my first house had to get rid of the fuel destroying cupra and get a deisel..

Really happy i didnt go audi and got this instead.. its 06" 320d Msport such a great car to drive!

Be good to meet any fellow enthusiasts my neck of the woods (Norwich) and catch some meets soon.

Probably take some more pictures soon but heres how she looks atm before i tuck the wheels away for winter and put the original m-sport ones back on.
No REG1.jpgNO REG2.jpgNO REG3.jpgnull_zpsf68639d5.jpg