Hello i just thought id sign up as I am currently looking to get a new car and im looking at getting a e36 328i coupe or convertible

Abit about me, I am Mat Bedworth from Burntwood, Staffordshire and im 23.

I currently have 2 fiat puntos - 1 is a custom build show car to be 1.2 8v turbo and the other is a 1.8 140bhp hgt

I am looking to sell the 1.8 punto and get me a BMW. I am going to get the BMW before i sell the punto and have funds availble but im looking to spend around a max of £1,000

I have been looking around and seen a few on autotrader/ebay and spoke to some mates who own them for advice and any more help/advice would be appreciated

When i get one I want to put it on coilovers and lower it on some nice wheels (not silly low) and get some more power and maybe m3 front and rear bumpers and leave it at that. For now haha