I currently own a clio 172 cup and love it most fun car i've owned but i have now had it 5 long years and fancy something a little more grown up but still fun and has decent pace. I have never owned a rwd car so obviously never had a BMW, I live in hampshire but have all my family up in yorkshire and going up in the clio isn't my idea of fun not to mention a tank each way plus fuel for driving around. So i'm after a E46 330d m sport 2005 in grey, lovely looking cars and good prices and it would seem despite having more cylinders and more cc's it still returns better mpg!!! Bonus!

So i have some questions...

1) Specs... What specs should i want? Did they do a speaker package Bose or similar? Did they do a flat bottom steering wheel option? Are the xenon lights standard or optional? What other colors did the 330d m sport come in? Did they do a brake package/option? Power folding mirors is a must is that standard equipment or was that also an option?

2) Common problems to look out for... I know about the rear subframe mounts been damaged after remaps because of increased torque and the swirl flap issues and that its best to get a delete kit but other than that anything else?

Please be nice :p