Hi.. been looking at the site on the run up to buying my first BMW and was so helpful - so thanks to all.
I just bought a lovely 54 plate 318i saloon and am loving it so far.

Have noticed that the rear lights are collecting a wee bit of water (noticed a small drip as they emptied out their trickle when i opened up to go into the boot).. Had a look and doesnt seem to be a major common issue, but from what i can see a bit of clear silicone this week should help...

Apart form that it seems lovely, only 55 serviced miles on the clock and looks so nice i just oggle at it on the drive... one happy lad at the moment!

Am based between London and my home in Yarm, Middlesbrough and look forward to adding to any posts where i can be helpful.

If any of you have experience with the lights at the rear collecting a tad of water please let me know what your experience was though, id be all ears.