Hello, Iím newbie to the forum and have a problem with my 320 TD E46.

The car hasnít run for 4 months having refused to start one morning. Tried jumping and bumping but nothing. This morning Iíve done nothing other than charge the battery and it started first go, no issues Ė apart from the following which have been on-going prior the starting problem:

Iíve run it on 50/50 vegetable oil/diesel for the last couple of years with no performance issues, but:

- The car is temperamental to start when the veg oil content is low, it can take quite a few goes. Once the veg oil is in though itís fine.
- The turbo makes a whistling / whining noise.
- When idling, the engine smokes quite a bit Ė even more so when revved from idle. This seems to clear somewhat when itís been driven but itís not what Iíd call smoke free.

I donít want to part with the car, itís been tremendous over the years, but cutting my losses while itís still worth more than scrap is at the back of mind.

Any advice would be gratefully received. Cheers