Hello All,

Newbie owner of a 2002 E39 530d M-Sport saloon here!

I've owned the car for about 3 months and thought I'd join up as you all seem to be a good bunch

Now, I hate to do it, but I'm afraid my first post starts with a question.

I replaced my dying battery this morning with a brand new one, the car now won't start.

The battery is exactly the same as the old one (the cca is slightly more) but that's the only difference.

I followed the procedure for replacement to the letter, and both terminals are on tightly and the right way around.

Once I had completed installation I went to turn it over - nothing.

I have dash lights and interior lights, but when I go to turn it over nothing at all happens - no clicking, no cranking.

I've made use of the search function here, but all I can find are staring issues not relating to battery replacement, i.e. flat in the first place etc.

Any suggestions would be more than welcome, I've already paid out £300> this month on tyres etc, I'm hoping it's not too serious.

Many thanks in advance.