Hi all thought I'd introduce myself as I'm new to this forum and BMW in general, this is my first BMW I will have purchased.

I'm looking to buy an 06 56 plate 535D M Sport with 69k miles, FSH "not bmw" fully loaded SatNav and all the usual extras, my question is what to look out for when buying I know your probably sick of hearing this question but that's what this place is for right to share your thoughts and help us newbies out.

I've heard a few like "swirl flaps" I have no idea what this is? "DPF Removal" but is there anything I really need to look out for when I view it?

And I know AUC is a must but what are the prices that I will be paying? Last thing I need is anything going wrong with the car and have to fork out from my own pocket.
Cheers guys.