HI folks.

I have heard bits and bobs about this forum and have regularly found links to it whilst I have been working on my cars, so I thought I would join up and say 'hello'.

I am currently running two E36's at the moment, both 328i, one a coupe, one a convertible and both manual.
The coupe was bought as a fixer in August last year, and it has been absolutely brilliant and totally reliable. It is a 1997 P-reg in violet with 120k when I bought it, but now showing 128k.
The convertible was a last minute deal that I bought a few weeks ago as another fixer. It is a 1999 T-reg in silver with 97k on the clock and a few things to put right.

The 'vert is my 35th car since I started driving in 1997. BMW's I have owned since then include an E30 325 4dr, 850 V12, E46 330i Coupe, Z4 coupe (in phoenix yellow), E36 316 touring, the E36 Coupe and E36 'vert. Its fair to say I am a big BMW fan and always find myself coming back to the brand. I have also had a BMW Mini Cooper, Cooper S (s'charged), Cooper S Works (s'charged) and a Cooper S Clubman (Turbo).

Anyway, you will no doubt find me posting questions for whatever job I am undertaking and also loads of pictures, as its a big interest of mine.

Ta ta,