hello all, well iv been through the motions I started off with ford and a member on passion ford, recently been driving around in a stage 2 passat tdi running 200bhp and 340ft/lb's of torque it's alot of fun and returning 50+ mpg when really careful and a member of ukpassats, but i'v been an eager beaver for something not fwd for a long time, looked into a tdi 4motion passat and running that stage 2 but they are like rocking horse dudy and expensive for the millage i'll be doing now esp as running a high tune can lead to premature faliure within the car what has lead to the change of heart, here's a pic of my passat that'l i'll be parting company with.

so had a mooch around and found a dirt cheap e39 530d 51 plate with 93k on the clock,2 owners, full cream leather F&R parking sensors, built in booster seats, and lots of history with it, BUT it smokes blue smoke on acceleration, i had a good mooch on the net before commiting myself and found the common issues of turbo faliure and ccv blockages being a main cause of blue smoke, with hardly any mention of worn valve stems and rings, went down to view the car yesterday and it drove fine the vibration damper has had it's day by the looks of things but it's not missing and pull's well and the straight 6 sounds so much nicer than the 4 pot i'm used too, albeit not as punchy as my passat at the moment , so decided to make an offer as i'm not shy of holding a spanner and doing my own work, well tbh i'v never taken any of my viehicles to a garage apart from mot's and tyres, looked through the history and it's had frequent oil changes and had a recent turbo replacement guessing due to blocked breather system, anyway i picked up this lovely motor for the princley sum of ....£1350 soo much car for the money and i can afford to rack the miles up without much worry, plus i'm 6'6" so is more comfy than my passat as it has quite small seats that give me back ache lol!

anyway here is the car in question

first thing i'll be doing to the car is ccv for the e60 vortex cover instead of loo roll filter, no need for swirl flaps as supposedly e39 manuals didn't have any, then egr and inlet soaked in petrol to remove all gunk and maybe clean the maf with isopropanol alcohol, filter and oil service if my budget can stretch this month as just come off holiday lol!

anyway hope to make a home here like i have managed everywhere else, offer my experiences and listen to yours as that is the whole point of these forums in the first place, also look at other peoples motors and drool over what mods i'd like to do next