Hi, this is my first Bmw a 320iMsport which I have wanted for ages, collected it last Saturday from Bmw and loved the drive home, since then all has not been that good
Firstly - noise from the rear of the car - on further inspection found that new pads had been fitted to worn discs, I took the car into my local dealer who has replaced the discs and pads which I am now waiting for payment for from the dealership I purchased the car from who had ok'd the vehicle going in for repair but no one around when the vehicle was finished and the garage would not release the car without payment. The car also has had a diff seal replaced, rocker cover gasket and vac pump seal replaced(under warranty) and have ordered an exhaust part (also under warranty), this all from a car I had owned for less than 2 days and was on the approved scheme.
Secondly - some of the paintwork problems which I was assured would not be just polished over when I agreed to buy the car have re appeared since the car was washed and a mark on the drivers door has appeared since the car was in for repair ( they are saying it hasn't happened whilst they had the car for repair)
Thirdly - the car had some diff/axle noise when on the road test (just thought it was because the discs were slightly corroded from sitting) and I didn't really notice it when driving home but it seems to have got worse, I looked at the tyres and the edges are like saw teeth even though the tyres still have plenty of tread on them.Has anyone else had problems with the RFT which cause this type of noise(like a loud hiss from the diff).

Hopefully my experience of my dream car will improve or this will be my first and last BMW.