Hi all,

Im Scott, Originally from Plymouth but now live in Torbay. Im a massive petrol head and love all things car related

Ive had allsorts of rides in the past so for a giggle I thought Ide Post my back Catalogue just so you know where im at

1986 1.2 Vaux Nova (bought with 23000 miles from new and was mint. Mildly modded with mental clean engine and had magazine photos . Written off by 3rd party)

1984 1.0 Vaux Nova (bought as a spares car and scrapped)

1991 1.6 Honda CRX VTEC
(Rare Celestial blue model, Tein Suspension, Watanabe Wheels, 5ZIGEN Exhaust and Airfilter 171bhp. Sold)

1990 1.8 Nissan 200sx S13 (Gold auto bought for £20 with blown bottom end. Sold engine for £300 and Scrapped the rest)

1977 1.1 Mini Clubman (Bright pink shorty, lots of fun, big plans. Still Own)

1985 1.2 Vaux Nova (Bought for a runabout for a few weeks, Gave to a mate)

1991 4.0 Jaguar XJ6 (Bought for £400 at auction and pimped about for 6 months. Sold)

1994 2.0 Nissan Silvia S14 (Full Spec drift car imported from Japan. Approx 350+ BHP. Written Off by 3rd party)

1981 1.3 KE70 Corolla (Found in Scrap Yard for £250, 1 owner, good condition, Passed MOT with no work the same week, Used as daily driver for 3 years alongside above Silvia. Now main project car. Still Own.)

1995 2.0 Nissan 200sx S14 (Bought cheap to reshell above Silvia. Sold before I got round to it lol)

1997 1.4 Renault megane
(Bought for £50 off acustomer who was going to scrap it, Spent £150 on it to pass MOT, Used for a few months and lent to mates as spare car, sold for £360)

1986 3.0 Turbo Z31 300ZX Targa (Blue, Bought as a bit of summer fun, Rare manual, Sold)

1997 3.8 Holden Commodore (Bought in NZ just to say I had owned a Holden once lol, HSV Rep, Sold)

1995 2.0 Honda Ascot (Bought in NZ as a cheap runabout, Sold)

1988 2.4 Diesel Toyota Hiace (Bought in NZ, Converted to campervan to travel the country, Added retro Details, Sold to a mate)

1993 1.3 Nissan Micra Super S
(Bought as a Daily driver while I work on Corolla and to have some fun with, Sold)

1983 1.4 Renault 5 MK1
(Rescued from a local garden and broke for spares as it was rotten, Scrapped)

1978 1.4 Datsun 140Y Coupe (1 Owner Car bought from Cornwall, Tax And Tested, My new Daily Driver and Mini Project, Still Own)

1995 2.0 Mitsubishi FTO GR V6 (Bought to sell on, Swapped for Citroen C5)

1996 2.7 TDI Nissan Terrano II SE Touring 4x4 (Bought as a practicle truck and for some off road fun, Still own)

2002 2.0 HDi Citroen C5 Saloon (Swapped FTO for it and going to be sold on, Still own)

My Current fleet is...........

1978 Datsun 140Y Coupe:

1981 Toyota Corolla KE70:

1977 Mini Clubman Shorty

1996 Nissan Terrano II

2002 Citroen C5 HDi (For Sale)

As you can see its quite mixed and some are unusual but its mostly Japs stuff with my current interest being into Retros
I have however always had a soft spot for German barges but as of yet havent had one! This is why im here

Im looking to replace my Nissan 4x4 with something more wafty as a daily, but still good on fuel, so am considering either an e34 or e39 TDS Touring. Im here for advice before I buy!

Thanks for reading and looking forward to BMW ownership

Speak soon