hello everyone im gaz from Swansea I drive a 2003 320d e46

I owned it for 4 months in the past before my children where born I had a 2005 m3

and in the past I have owned a evo 6 tme running 649 tuned by indigo gt

a evo 8 tuned to 412 at the wheel

6 type r one supercharged by abp motorsports

and other boring cars ,

my plan for the bmw is mv2 alloys hybrid turbo it and fmic and stage 3 map it and make it

show room condition but this is over time and don't right , before anyone says get a 330d

I would but my wife is only 21 and insurance for her on the 330d is a extra 2k a year and

the 320d is with me 27 and wife 21 and all the mods 690 a year