Hi - I am new to the forum so wanted to introduce myself and also I do have a problem!

I have a 525d which I have had for about 7 months now. It has developed an annoying vibration which you can feel through the clutch mainly but also through the other pedals and the floor. It is kind of a feeling as if the car is running on low tyres but equally its still there when the car is stationary and you rev it ! (Although not as bad)

The car has done 108,000 miles and has a full history. The garage I have taken it to said its just something to expect with a car of this age and mileage ! But it wasn't doing it before. Also my partner has a Audu 80 with 200k on the clock and that runs ok.

Any ideas if it is some thing I should expect with a car of this age?

I have had the exhaust checked and that was fine.

By the way I have very little idea on mechanics - but I just want to go back to the garage and suggest they try various things.

Its not the clutch as that has been changed !