Hi ive been using this forum for a while but this is my first post I purchased a bmw 316i e36 1997 90000 miles on the clock.
Everything was fine for a few weeks, loving the rwd!! Until I took it out one morning and about 5 miles down the road it was red hot!!
I waited for it to cool down then took it home. I took out the thermostat and bled the system, still no luck, I then replaced the old plastic water pump for a metal one, still no luck. As it didn't show any signs of head gasket failure (other than overheating) I decided it must be the radiator so I put a new one in and still nothing!!!
I eventually got the head gasket done, the gasket was broken so I had that replaced and had the head skimmed and pressure tested. It ran fine for a good 600 miles until now where it's running into the red again on every journey over 10 minutes, is there anything else I can do or is it just as simple as a new engine. Any help would be great!!