Hi all

I am new to this forum. I have used it a lot before when researching cars.
I am going to pick up my 2006 330d msport manual saloon tomorrow afternoon.
I am really looking forward to getting it.
I have had a 1996 316 compact and a 325ci msport triptronic on a 2000.
I have had all sorts of other cars from celicagt4s to legacy twin turbos.
Now I am a little older I am after something a little more sensible but still having some power.
I was going to buy 330 or a 530/535 about 8 months ago but went and stupidly bought a Mazda rx8 which was fun up until last Thursday when it decided at 66000 miles on the clock on a 2008 plate to shred the front rotor ( rotary engine) in to little bits. So with a garage bill looking to be over £3000 to get a new engine and out it in I now have a big white ornament in the garden that had number 366 of 400 written on it haha.
Any way just to say thanks for the help you lot have already given with info over the last week and just to say hi.