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    Hi here goes my introduction, I have already posted on the electrical forum with regards to the issue with my LCM.
    Well, the new job requested a second car in the family for the wife to drop the kids at school (return of almost 3 miles). It happened that a friends' brother was leaving the country and needed to get rid of his car, which fall within my budget of up to 2000 pounds.
    So here we are three months now I am owner and main mechanic of that beauty. Actually that is my first car (I am 33) in my life bought with my money. It happened that I was either not in need of a car or have been assigned a company one with essential private use...
    Right the car (will post some pics later) comes:
    - with full BMW history (at least full set of stamps),
    - Blau biarritz metalic colour,
    - manufactured february 1998, R registration;
    - Grey leather interior almost immaculate with less than normal wear for the age and no tear.
    - 75000 miles on the clock. history wise it looks the car was all her life a London car, so mileage seems allright.
    - 1700 pounds cost.
    - some issues.

    - second day at home and got it to a Luton indy. He charged some 170 pounds for full check, identified some issues, replaced some bulbs (all mandatory were fine), replaced the auxiliary belt, correctly identified oil leak-he thinks it is the rocker cover and timing chain cover and added 2.5 liters of oil (there was slight oil leak and for that reason I was monitoring the oil through the dipstick. I think 2.5 liters is almost half of the amount in the car, so I believe I have been taken for a ride), he also identified that the left control arm is for replacement (quoted 90 pounds parts and 120 ponds labour) and quite correctly the locking nut of the tools rack is broken. He did not see that the Airbag light was on and did not advised of any error codes. Replaced right brake sensor. The brakes light came back again in less than two weeks so I researched the indies around me - see below.
    - misting from front shock as shown on the MOT advisory. I did not notice that when buying (remember, first car);
    - slight noise from back right, turned out it is a bearing. Replaced at Aylesbury indy-researched through the bmwnerd (I do not trust the Luton one anymore). Top job (charged me 170ish for parts and labour - change back right bearing and front break sensor, check all brakes if replacement is required. car washed goodbye.
    - strange metal noise when starting and stopping. comes from the back and is similar to metal on metal, like metal jaws been tightened on metal. Unidentified;
    - Front left clunk when going through slight and not so slight irregularities on the road. The same Aylesbury indy said that the front shock is gone. drained. But also said there is nothing wrong with my control arm. Now I am homing for a set of either Monroes or Bilsteins, just the normal stuff.
    - Coolant loss, veery slow. I have topped up the coolant, but not before my wife reported overheating. Topped up the coolant with the tiny 5 liters of 50:50 mix, boy, the car was thirsty. Now fine, the coolant stays at KALT mark for days now, but the OBC still cries to check the coolant level. Maybe the level sensor got damaged when the car was overheated. I am planning to flush it when weather gets better (i aint got a garage :( ), already bought replacement drain plug and new bleednuts as the old ones are quite used. Noticed the old one on the engine block is missing the washer.
    - Airbag light is on. I can only suspect it is the occupancy sensor of the passenger seat. I am going to buy one of the ebay bypass things.
    - The already mentioned oil leak. I have degreased the oily area to try and identify where it is dripping from. It looks like it is the "rocker cover" and especially an area around one of the bolts. When you touch the joint it is wet and some oil is left on your finger. I will have to research the gaskets: OEM or BMW original. Have to remember to buy the grommets as well. And is it necessary to buy torque wrench. I assume so, but man, they are so expensive.
    - LCM played me by getting one of the famous transistors busted. I bought a new transistor from cricklewoodelectronics (alternative to the old one), removed the old one, soldered the new one, lights back to working order. Since then no issues.
    - couple of chips and one rust spot on the back trunk;

    At some point in the near/not very near future I would like to do the following:
    - add a first aid box;
    - upgrade the lights to angel eyes look, the old ones are already misty. I am willing to try the demistify procedure of polishing, but first I want to try Mr.Klear - it's a floor wax used by scale modelers to magically clear their misty or damaged transparent pieces.
    - may be install a car entertainment PC with GPS - there was a write up somewhere on the net.
    - may be replace the seats with the memory ones.

    I am not mechanic , just civil engineer by trade and love to get dirty and to research things.

    I would appreciate help and advise on the above issues, or similar minded owners in the Leighton Buzzard area.

    And finally: Is there a underengine cover for that model?
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    Hi Bulboy,Welcome to

    Thats a lot of stuff to go through and you would get a better response if you post up each problem in a thread in the correct forum as this thread is for introductions and may get overlooked.Must have taken a while to type all that out

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    Welcome bullboy

    As StK has suggested, your best bet is to post each of your issues in the correct sections of the forum, that will get your issues the most publicity and give you the best chance of getting help

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    Hello and welcome to the forum, I am sure that you will have the problems ironed out in no time.

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