I've inherited a BMW 318i auto 1998 (E46)
It's a cracking motor in great nick, but with its age comes a few problems. I'd like to think I am capable of a bit of maintenance so have been working my way through some of the problems. So far I have replaced the rear discs (inner drum was shot so no handbrake) and rear wheel speed sensor (had to drill the old one out), as the dashboard was like a christmas tree and the speedo was not working.
I have noticed that the Fuel Consumption is currently at 30mpg and she seems a bit sluggish on acceleration. She is running a little cold ( probably the thermostat) as well so am working through different suggestions from this site. I have disconnected the MAF and there is a difference which shows the MAF is working (No kickdown with MAF disconnected). I still need to check hoses for cracking and airleaks (when it stops raining), is there any checks I can do for the 02 sensor please, I am told that past 120000 K they need replacing so thats on the list ?
Additionally I seem to have a leak both on the front passenger side and drivers side. Each seem to have 2 sources. One appears to be through the drains of the drivers door which I'm told could be the door barrier film and the other appears to be somewhere from the Inner/Outer Wing area which neverously drips around the Glove compartment fuse box. Any suggestions on blocking off this leak would be greatly appreciated.
Many Thanks