Hi everybody, I'm not really new here, but I've never posted before.
My name is Carlos I'm Portuguese but I live in Epsom.
I've just bought my bmw a few weeks ago, I finally going to put it
on the road this weekend.

I've bought a 1995 E36 328i coupe, from a guy have it stoped by 2
Years. Wen I saw the car first time I get in love with it. But I've to much
To do on it. First I've done a full service, oils, filters and sparks. Friday
I going to change the water pump and thermostat and new anti freeze.

I'm glad if you guys can help me, and tell me special attentions I need
With this and that because I listen many things about good and bad.
I think I've made a good deal with the car.

Soonest it's possible I post some pics.

Sorry about my English