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    Hi all, just thought i'd register on here and say hi.

    I've always found car forums pretty useful in the past when changing cars, so here I am.

    My name is Matt and I have just purchased a E90 325i M Sport in black.

    Theres that many different kit levels so i'll try and explain mine the best I can.

    2006 2.5l engine model
    18 inch m sport alloys
    Rear parking sensors
    Professional radio with bluetooth and aux port
    Half Alcantara seats - partially electric (thats best I can describe them)

    Anyway, i'll get some pics up - but in the meantime I just have a couple of questions.

    Idle - When cold starting, the idle is mildly eratic. Its by no means bad and on throttle is fine, but it jumps around little for a couple of mins and then sits at just under 600rpm. Had a short google around but couldnt find anything conclusive.

    Gear Shift - Seems pretty slick, but reverse needs a good bit of pressure to engage. Not had a BMW before so dont know if this a normal trait.

    Radio - When I collected the car, I had a good 2hr drive home in it. Radio works fine, but as I got closer to home the display looked rather rubbish. The pixels became faded and black in areas it should be.
    The next time I used the car it was fine, but slowly started to appear again the longer it was on (Climate control lcd was fine)

    Service indicator - The garage said they had done a service on the car, and now the indicator reads 16000 miles until the next service. This hasnt gone down yet after about 200 miles. Does it decrease by 1000 mile increments?

    General servicing - Have I been correctly informed that I will get a warning for every type of sevice required - i.e - basic oil service, major service etc etc, and is there a service schedule about what things should be changed when (Dont have the manual to hand at the moment)

    Clutch - Whats the life expectancy on these?

    Thanks all.


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    Welcome to the forum Matt

    With regards to your issues, your best off posting them in the correct section of the forum as this section is just for introductions so you're not likely to get much assistance.

    The gear shift is fine that's normal for BMW's, the reverse is made a bit tougher to change into so you don't change into 1st by mistake - you'll get used to it

    I'd post in the E90 Technical section about the Idle and service indicator, and I'd post in the Auto Electrical section about the Radio.

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