Hi There,
I am not sure if am posting in the correct place as i am a new member! I really need some advice before i book my 2006 BMW 320d M Sport Saloon in for its 75k service (FSH until now).
Basically I am just interested in anything i should be advising the garage on that may need looking at after 75k, i am not using a BMW dealer i am using my local garage who i have used for all my cars. I have been experiencing some poor MPG figures recently, averaging 35mpg on a run consisting of an average speed of around 40-50mph through country roads and villages, not a lot of stop starting etc. I read something about some sort of filter that make need cleaning out etc to improve this, so yeah just basically any advice on what my 75k service should include and what i should be expecting to pay a non dealership garage for this!

Any help would be gratefully received!