Hello everyone, I currently drive a Golf GTI Edition 30 (stage 2, 316bhp) and for the last 14 months it has been great (Modified MK4 GTI before that), but after a recent house move (relocation) I find myself doing 200-250 miles per week rather than the 40-50 miles per week I was doing before the move, so the time has come to let the ED30 go and get something more spacious and economical.

I have finally decided (after 2 months deliberation) that an E91 320D M Sport is what I need.

Heard lots of reports of firm (harsh) ride so I thought it best to test drive one before I commit my current car to sale.

Managed to test drive a 59 plate E91 320D M Sport with optional 18" (MV3 alloys) and really liked the way it drove, it was comfortable, felt nice and planted but not overly firm, perhaps coming from a GTI I am used to a firm(ish) ride?.

I decided on the Touring version as I am a keen golfer and the ability to throw the clubs in the boot without having to dis-assemble the clubs from the bag was my 1st reason and the second was as a keen snowboarder we (me and a few mates) drive to Austria a couple of times per year so the touring space will come in handy. Already managed to pick up a roof-rack cheap off Ebay (Thule 753, 761 and 4003) for £26 (Bargain) so just need to buy the car now

My Golf will be going up for sale in next few weeks and then i am on the lookout for my new ride.

Have read on a few forums to AVOID "Big Motoring World" and a few saying "Cargiant" are not much better?, anyone know anything about a company called "Imperial Car Supermarkets", they either have a very good reputation or have a VERY good tech who gets anything remotely negative removed from google.

Hoping to pick up a "10" or "60" plate car within my budget.