I haven't got a pic of the car, but I'm pretty sure you'll remember what they look like. I'll take and post a photo when it's a bit cleaner!

The bikes, last week.

The Ducati is in its track fairings (hence no markings). It's a 748R, which makes it a bit special. These are quite different bikes compared to the bog standard 748. The "R" has, amongst other things, Ohlins forks and shock, better brakes, lighter wheels, a slipper clutch, more power as a result of Formula 1 style shower injectors (which, frankly, are a pain in the arse on the road), larger throttle bodies, higher lift cams, bigger valves, a short ratio gearbox, and a different (and lighter) frame in order to accommodate a larger carbon fibre airbox.

Here's some more info on the "R": http://www.motorcyclespecs.co.za/mod..._748r%2002.htm

Here's something to try to convert all you car nuts to the merits of motorbikes:

Probably two of the best laps of racing you will ever see:

Another Rossi ding dong (this time with Casey Stoner):