Hi there,

After having followed this amazing forum for a while I thought it was time to join myself!

A couple of weeks ago I have purchased an E91 320i [DynEff 170bhp engine) and so far I have been very pleased with the car.

Unfortunately I don't get anywhere near to the official MPG figures (35MPG instead of 45MPG combined) no matter how hard I am trying... Some other forum members have implied that tyre pressure could be a reason so I will check it accordingly.

The car has come without owner's manual and I have been very surprised that there does not seem to be a copy neither on the official BMW site nor on any of the usual free webpages. The 320i model (without iDrive) is not covered by the 323, 328 manual that seems to be available - strange.

I wish you all a great start of the new working week and send my best regards,