Greetings current members. I've applied to join here and been accepted, so I thought I would say something quick before the Auditors change their mind (s ?).

I'm currently without a BMW, (altogether now: "AAAAWWWW"), although I have had E39 and (long ago) 2002Tii. Current car is another German product of the estate variety which requires plenty of notice of an impending change of direction. So I'm on the hunt for a good E36, E46 or E39 as a second car. Given my budget I'll doubtless be turning to some of the experts in this forum for advice once I have found a car. Actually I think it will become my primary use car, leaving the barge for gardening duties and airport runs for students and their luggage.

I look forward to being able to contribute too.

PS. I should say that in many respects the E39 was the most satisfying of the 30 or so cars I have had in my life. For many years it ran up and down multiple times per week between Kendal and the South Coast without any issue. I slept through most of it. In contrast I returned my Alfa within 1 week of buying it: no regrets.