Hi All,

A new member from Ayrshire. I hold National Race and rally MSA licenses and have done my fair share of competing int he Scottish Rally championship.

I drive a 2012 118d Coupe in White (since May-35k now on it) with work, but ive bought myself a 2007 E90 330d SE (40k on it) as a toy for the dry.

I was an Audi driver previously and did enjoy an A4 before getting the 1 series. I have no complaints on that, except the odd miss-fire and the hairdresser jokes.

I picked up the 330 last week and its awesome, but the run flats are horrendous and tramline terribly on anything other than motorway - under heavy breaking they are a handful. I never had any complaints with the 118 of Bridgestones and now Pirelli's, but the Conti's on the 330 are horrid and heading for the bin!

Apart from that im enjoy BMW ownership.