Hi everyone, im new here so introducing myself.

always been into my VWs with a couple of MK1 golfs, couple of MK2 golfs and a couple of MK3 golfs.

anyway, around 12 months ago we bought an E90 320si in white, quite rare by all accounts! nice car but its the mrs' car to be fair so ferrying kids around and hitting kerbs on a daily basis.
i have a private reg on an S plate, she has her own on the E90 so i needed to get it off retention. this brings me to the E36 vert! a 328 Edition in Velvet blue. a little rough round the edges but for a shade over £700 im not gonna complain.

so thats me and my bimmers. il be around asking for advice and help on the cabrio in its run up to roadworthiness!