hey my name is tommy im from the US. im in the middle of a pretty serious e36 build and registered on this site because honestly you guys are the only people who can help me out.
i bought a 1995 318is not too long ago with the intentions of a crazy build. I come from building japanese cars ONLY. however ive always liked the looks of the e36 just was never too fond of the engine.
well after the whole lsX engine craze and how far theyve come with developing numerous engine swaps for the e36 (2jz rb lsx) i decided to pick one up. thats what brings me here.
my car started out as a 70k mile 1995 318is. ugly tan interior. didnt run because some clown had put a hack job turbo kit on it. i traded it for a miata i basically got for free.
Ive been known to get out of hand with builds i have super car OCD. hate dents dings and ESPECIALLY rust. i got lucky because the previous owner didnt do anything correctly my car was stored for most of its life not running.
im going to try to fast forward here. i made a huge order with the dealer. bought basically every panel that was bolted onto my car brand new oem from the dealer. INCLUDING oem ltw aluminum doors. fenders.hood.m3 bumpers and sideskirts. trunk. and carpet. as well as some odds and ends including a manual window conversion. this is the part that i need your help with. i have all the parts for the manual window conversion EXCEPT the gear shift surround withOUT window switches. in the US no e36 was ever offered with manual windows and i cant find a correct part number. its a super easy small piece that i believe only came on 4 doors. if anyone could help me out by selling me one, providing me a vin number for a car equipped with manual windows. or a part number it would be greatly appreciated. thanks again guys

cliff notes. i need a gear shift surround with no holes for manual windows. a part number for that part OR a vin number for a car equipped with manual windows.