Evening all,

Joined the forum hoping to get some help and advice and gain some knowledge. My names Craig and I'm from West Yorkshire, I currently drive a Vauxhall astra mk4 SRI-Turbo which is far from standard but I won't bore you with the details. As much as I love the astra I'm just about to purchase my first house and need something a little more economical and sensible. I'm an estate agent also and the astra doesn't really fit the image.

I was looking at get a diesel astra as vauxhall is all I have ever owned except a brief fling with a VW Bora, until a friend suggested looking at a E46 330d. Apparently they are great on fuel and with a remap can match the power that the astra is putting out which is a must as I really don't want something too sensible.

I've had a look at a few examples online but as I haven't really had much to do with BMWs I'm getting a little lost. I may even be a little unrealistic with my budget, I'm looking for a 2003-2005 model for around £6500.

Any help and advice you guys can pass on is very appreciated.

Many thanks