Hi Guys & Gals. Nice meeting on here. I'm Cody from Cape Town, SA.

Hoping to make some great friends on here, but pleeeeaaaassseeeeeeeeee go easy on me cause I'm a "know nothing" when it comes to BMW'.

I'm driving a Opel or a "Vauxhall" OPC, but I've recently bought the missus a 328 I vert that I'm considering making my own and letting her run around with the Opel.

Just know it won't go down well with her.

The vert's got a couple of minor things that need some attention, but I will load some pic's on here in the next couple of days.

Thanks in advance for all the advice that I'll be getting on here.


Edit: My u/name is not what it's suppose to be. Can one of the Mods change it for me or add the letters missing.

Should be Cape_Tonian.