Hey guys, names Jaden i'm from Australia, bit of info im a mechanic and have owned many quick rides ( 2x Gtir Pulsars, wrx and a Kp61 Toyota starlet with a 12a bridgeport), i have always been a fan of the e36, after blowing my latest car up i decided i would go with something different and build a nice e36 cruiser. I picked up a nice 1991 white e36 325i 4 door sedan with black leather interior, a crack free dash, 5 speed auto box and a total of 190,000kms on the clock ( which i thought was good), 2 days after picking it up i went up the back of some one who thought it would be a good idea to stop suddenly mid way in a corner, damge isnt to bad. Ill put some pictures up after its been repaired.

Plans for the Bmw are:

* K sport pro plus air suspension kit
* VMR VB3 18x8 wheels in black
* Adjustable rear camber arms
* Adjustable camber tops up front
* Decent exhaust system, headers etc

Not after a fast car just something to get me from A-B in stlye