Hi all
Just to say hi ,as I'm new here .
Spent last year in a z3 an as a result wanted
Some comfort so a few weeks ago I bought a
03 320 ci convertable .
Picked it up sat morning an set off for Scotland
Taking my wife to see madonna.
Concert was great on way back the amber oil
Light came on so stopped to get some oil and
Topped it up about 2 litres .
Set off and hit the duel carriage way , bang
Bonnet came up on to the screen I
Forgot to shut bonnet properly ,
What a mess so I got bonnet to shut and
Drive home to Manchester .
Next day went to garage where I bought it
( west way Nissan ) .
Explained what happened ,
No problem the manager said they gave me a
Pool car an said they would fix it free of charge
Now that's what I call a top class garage .
My car is all fixed and carnt thank them
Enough ,